Strategy Services
Formulate Plans, Define Goals
The Management & Systems Consultants offer a comprehensive suite of Strategy Services with an aim of ensuring business effectiveness. At The Consulting Professionals, we have divided our portfolio into the following mutually inclusive elements categorized into two elements of business effectiveness

Both, you and your competition probably have access to the same resources and hence what matters is how efficiently and effectively you utilize them as winners dont do different things, they do things differently.

Strategy is a never ending iterative process of seeing distant things as if they were close and taking a distanced view of close things.
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Business Strategy
This is the apex level of our Strategy Services. The scope and span of these services though very specific would look to be very vast as they are directly associated with the very basic reasons of the existence of any business, its core competency and finance.

Right from clarifying your business idea formally to make it crystal clear, to giving it a best suited legal form, to formulating strategic business units, to buying out businesses of others, our Business strategy services are essentially aimed at keeping you on track towards achievement of your business goals with optimum pace.

Along with growth oriented strategies, we assist you in laying down plans for ensuring proper execution and management of the growth.

An illustrative list of Management & Systems Consultancy Services offered in this segment by The Consulting Professionals is as follows :

  • SBU Planning & Development
  • Integrated Operational Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Project Financing
  • M & A Synergy Planning
HCM Strategy
We believe that in all economic environments, an effective human capital strategy can induce enterprise performance and hence our experts offer inclusive services on Organization Structure vis--vis Organization Performance vis--vis Organization Development.

The difference that our services can have starts with the basic terminology itself where we help you realize that your people are human capital and not human resources.

May it be the development of a formal operations structure for your organization or ensuring the right development of the informal grapevine, our expert professionals provide HCM Strategies with a dual aim in mind optimizing enterprise performance and maximizing the satisfaction of your people as we very strongly believe that your people are the highest contributors to enterprise performance.

Our Organization Performance Services are essentially directed towards Goal Congruence so as to ensure a parity in the objectives of the people and the organization.

Further, we believe in growth and hence developing the organization optimally is equally important as that is going to lay strong foundation of growth and hence, may it be knowledge management or organization culture we ensure that the organization remains stable and scalable.

An illustrative list of Management & Systems Consultancy Services offered in this segment by The Consulting Professionals is as follows:

  • Development of Individual Development Plans
  • Compensation Planning
  • Development of Structured Training Plans
  • Strategic Evolution of Grapevines
  • Career Progression & Succession Planning
  • Competency Mapping
  • Cultivating Organization Culture
  • Development of Organization Structure
  • Talent Acquisition & Retention Strategy
  • Performance Appraisal as a tool for Organization Performance
Strategy Services
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Advisory Services
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