Systems Services
Design Processes, Translate Goals into Objectives
The Management & Systems Consultants offer a comprehensive suite of Systems Services with an aim of ensuring business efficiency. At The Consulting Professionals, we have divided our portfolio into the following mutually inclusive elements categorized into two basic types of services

In simplest terms, system means the way of doing things and that exactly is what our systems services are for. They assist you in evolving your best practices and aligning them with the industry.

Further, it is not enough to know the right way of doing the right thing at the right time, it also needs to be followed towards that end and hence we do not limit our services to design the systems but we also review them in order to keep the systems at your organization on track always.
Systems Design Systems Review
Systems Design
Systems Design Services are basically aimed at identifying the best practices for your organization wherein we together evolve the right way of doing the right thing at the right time.
Business Processes
A business process is a collection of related, structured tasks that produce a specific product, i.e., outcome, in order to serve a particular goal.

This basically is the value chain of any organization which can be divided into the following three parts –

Corporate Governance Model
For defining the current trends in business a new term is doing the rounds in the commercial world – Relationship Era.

Relationships today have become very much important and the risks associated with them have also spiraled like anything. May it be the employees, suppliers, customers, governments or stockholders, the relationships with all the stakeholders of the business are put at stake if even one of them is not managed properly in the current commercial environment. That is the reason that Corporate Governance has gained high importance in this Relationship Era.

The Management & Systems Consultancy Services at The Consulting Professionals assist you right from understanding the need of corporate governance to establishment of the corporate governance model and maintaining it so that you can aptly maintain and manage your relationships with all the stakeholders apart from complying with the strict corporate governance laws in place today.
Internal Control Systems
The Management & Systems Consultants understand that the Internal Control Systems essentially have two important roles to play amongst others

  • Keep the management informed, hence Management Information Systems
  • Manage the relationships with internal stakeholders

The Management & Systems Consultancy Services at The Consulting Professionals assist you in identifying as to

  • What needs to be controlled?
  • To what extent and
  • How best can it be controlled?
Oracle Consulting
The Management & Systems Consultants use the in-built best practices in the Oracle Application Products to initiate the designing of the business processes and further the utilization of the product for automated processes and internal controls and hence these services are also called Technology Enabled Re-engineering.

As a part of our Oracle Consulting Services The Consulting Professionals offer procurement, re/implementation, support, upgrade and training services for the world leading packaged business applications software – Oracle.

We offer our services in all of the following solution suites:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Hyperion Performance Management Suite
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Suite

We also offer Project Management Services as we understand that not everyone is equipped to understand and execute an IT Project. The Consulting Professionals will help you optimize the execution of your IT Programs so as to ensure:

  • Achievement of Project Objectives
  • Optimum utilization of resources
  • Optimum Quality of the Delivery
  • Ensuring timely deliveries
  • Managing stakeholder relationships
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Systems Services
Advisory Services
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